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You’re preparing for your RV trip, but what could you be forgetting? Because RV trips are often relatively longer than normal trips, there are more details to keep track of. Thinking about some of the suggestions in this article can ensure that you have a truly comfortable and enjoyable vacation.


When it comes to going on an RV trip, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared to have a good time. As you’re packing, be sure to remember games and other activities to do during the long hours of driving. Think about bringing games that are easy to clean up and that your kids will find fun.

Another important thing to do when it comes to ensuring you will be entertained while on your RV trip is to make sure that you’ve downloaded a significant amount of music on your phone before you head out.

This might be something that slips your mind but having your music downloaded will ensure that you don’t have to stream music while driving which could really use up your data quickly.

Maintenance Tools

While there are a variety of important tools that you should have on hand, you’ll want to be especially sure that you bring tools in case you have mechanical problems on the road. When it comes to having a comfortable RV trip, there are fewer things that can make it more uncomfortable than not having access to water.

In order to prevent leaks while on your vacation, be sure to bring a hose repair kit. A hose repair kit will give you the tools to repair pin holes that may develop or stop full-on leaks.

Emergency Supplies

In addition to bringing maintenance tools to address potential mechanical problems, you’ll want to ensure that you bring supplies to prepare against potential emergencies. As you’re thinking about what types of supplies to bring, think about where you are planning to go and any conceivable emergencies you could anticipate happening in those locations.

You should also make sure to have an extra supply of canned food, bottled water, and a first aid kit on hand. Having these things will ensure that you have basic necessities in the case of injury or being stranded.

Extra Fuel

You don’t want to forget fuel for heating stoves and backup generators. In the case of an emergency, having this extra fuel could make a big difference. When it comes to storing it, it can be a bit more complicated.

Make sure that you store the fuel in a safe way. If you’re storing a fuel tank in your RV, keep the tank at a full level so it is less likely to combust. When it comes to having propane tanks, you may be considering whether to rent or to buy one. There are benefits to owning your propane tanks rather than renting them. It’s more expensive to buy a new tank each time you need more propane than to simply fill your already existing tank.

Extra Pillows and Blankets

In addition to thinking about important supplies like extra fuel, make sure that you bring extra comfort essentials like pillows and blankets. During the course of your vacation, you may find yourselves staying the night in a place that ends up being colder than anticipated. Having a few extra blankets can make a huge difference and can help you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bathroom Organizer

If you’re traveling in your RV with your family members, there will be a lot of bathroom supplies to store in a relatively small space. One of the best ways to keep everything organized and to ensure that everyone has designated space is to invest in a good bathroom organizer.

You can get a hanging bathroom organizer to hang on the shower head. Some hanging organizers have more than two shelves which can allow you to effectively store the majority of your family members’ bathroom supplies.

On the other hand, you may consider having at least some members of your family store their bathroom supplies and/or makeup in their own bathroom caddy. These are especially functional and can then be stored elsewhere if necessary.

Cleaning Supplies

While it might seem intuitive to bring cleaning supplies for your RV, it’s important to know which supplies are important enough that you should have a good amount of them. For starters, you should definitely plan on bringing lots of trash bags and something to clean your floor with.

When you’re traveling in an RV for extended periods of time, things can get kind of messy. And when it isn’t always possible to stop frequently to get rid of trash, you’ll want to ensure that you can dispose of your junk in those bags.

In addition to packing a good amount of trash bags, you should also plan on bringing something to clean your floor. You may not have the ability to bring a vacuum, so think about bringing a good broom or a Swiffer. Having one of these cleaning tools can help you keep your floor clean which will make a big difference in your comfort while traveling.

Extra Space if Possible

When it comes to packing for an RV trip, thinking about having extra space may not be on the forefront of your mind. But it is definitely something that you shouldn’t forget about. Why? Because if you are planning on going away for a while, there is a high likelihood that you will accumulate additional items as you go.

Even if you don’t end up purchasing a lot of different souvenirs during your trip, you will likely find yourself needing more space for groceries after an especially large grocery run or for a basket of wet swimsuits after swimming in the lake.

It can sometimes be overwhelming to plan an RV trip. With so many details to keep track of, it can seem easy to potentially forget something. Taking these suggestions into account can help you ensure you are adequately prepared for your vacation.

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