• 4 American Metro Areas with Outstanding Outdoor Recreation (Denver is Only One of Them)

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    Those looking to enjoy an active lifestyle should consider living in one of America's many cities that offer abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Putting yourself in the middle of the action will ensure that you are motivated to get out there and enjoy all of the outstanding options. Even if you appreciate nature from a distance, but find outdoor activities hard, there are plenty of options for you. Here are four of the best American metropolitan areas to consider when looking for many options in outdoor recreation.

    Jackson Hole

    Jackson Hole is the perfect jumping off point to explore the state's two national parks. Making Jackson Hole your home base to enjoy Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park will assist in your quest to discover all of the wonders of these two national gems. Visitors to Jackson Hole will delight in the many hiking, biking, and adrenaline-producing river rafting adventures.


    Getting to outdoor activities from Denver is pretty easy. Some outdoor activities can even be done as close as half and hour to 45 minutes away from the metropolitan area. McWhinney explains that nearly three-quarters of Colorado residents participate in outdoor recreation every year — and that's not even counting the out-of-staters who fly in to enjoy everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer. During the winter, the nearby ski resorts come alive with people heading up to enjoy the powdery snow. In the warmer months, Denver provides a vast network of trails that are perfect for running and cycling. With the majestic Rocky Mountains as your backdrop, it is easy to get motivated to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Salt Lake City

    Utah Outdoor Activities explains that the nearby Wasatch Mountains deliver everything that you need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Salt Lake City. Although skiing and snowboarding are kings of the mountain, residents and visitors also enjoy biking and hiking. Those wanting to stay in the city can take advantage of the numerous amenities of the 100-acre Liberty Park, including its popular running trail.

    San Francisco

    A year-round moderate climate makes San Francisco a haven for those looking to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities at any time of the year. The pedestrian-friendly city features a wide network of running and biking trails. A vast amount of green space encourages residents to get out and play. A culture that promotes healthy lifestyles is a cornerstone of the city and its residents. Bearfoot Theory explains that camping is always an option as there are many campgrounds just outside the city. Rock climbing is also a popular option for those who want to go out to nature, and be back before the end of the day.

    Whatever your recreational fancy, these four cities boast all of the characteristics and services that you need to scratch that itch. Putting your roots down in any of these regions will provide ample ways to get out and connect with Mother Nature.

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