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With technology increasingly working its way into every part of our lives, humans are finding more and more ways to distract themselves with screens. This can prevent us from finding the time to go outside and experience the outdoors. You may think that this isn’t so bad, but it is. Humans need the sunlight. It is a very important source of Vitamin D. Some suggest that lack of sunlight is also a contributing factor to conditions like depression. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to go outside, try the following.


If technology is your primary obstacle for getting outside, you may want to consider disconnecting. That might seem difficult at first. Many people rely on technology for their livelihood. However, there are a few things that everyone can do. First, turn down the brightness on your screens. This will decrease the amount of blue light exposure that you experience. Second, remove or delete any games or apps that are unnecessary from your phone. Third, sign out of your social media accounts for a few days. Turn off notifications for emails that are not urgent. Fourth, unplug your tv and gaming systems and put them away for a few days. These don’t need to be permanent changes, but they could temporarily give you the boost you need to make an important change in your life and get outside.

Have A Companion

It’s much easier to change a habit if you have help. If you’re trying to get yourself to go outside more often, get someone to join you. If you don’t have someone that is willing to help out, you could even consider getting yourself a canine companion. If you prefer animals, golden retrievers are good outdoor companions. They are gentle and relatively easy to train. At the same time, they have boundless energy. They will be excited to go on walks or play fetch at the park. Many will even come pester you until you take them out.

New Project

Giving yourself an outdoor project is another great way to motivate yourself to spend time outside. You could put a garden into your backyard. You can grow flowers, herbs, and/or vegetables. This will require a significant amount of work if you want it to turn out nice. You could also consider making some landscaping changes. You could install a rock garden or a water feature. You could also take on a building project to increase the utility of your backyard. You could install a small shed to house your tools, or you could build yourself a nice workshop.

Find Someplace New

The world in which we live is a beautiful place. Take the opportunity to go see it. Motivate yourself by researching the sights in your state that you’ve never visited. Then create a bucket list of the places that you most want to see. You may find added motivation if you choose to document your travels. Start a Facebook page or Instagram account about the places that you choose to visit. Your trips shouldn’t become about receiving likes and comments, but these positive affirmations can encourage you to keep going.

Join a Sports League

Though the COVID-19 pandemic is happening, some sports leagues are starting to cautiously open up again. Joining a sports team will help motivate you to go outside by giving you a responsibility to your team. There are sports leagues available for all ages and abilities. You could join a baseball or softball team. You could play flag football or soccer. You could even start playing golf or tennis. All these activities can be played competitively, or more recreationally. The addictive nature of these games will help you find the desire to keep going back outside. Be sure to pick a sport that works with your physical fitness and health. If you are starting to slow down, you may not want to take part in a contact sport like soccer. Golf or softball may be better options. Don’t just stick to sports you know. Take the opportunity to get into something new. You could even try a water sport like wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, or rowing. Just make sure that if the pandemic is still going on that you join a sport where you can safely social distance.


You might feel more motivated to get up and about if you knew just how little exercise you are currently getting. As mentioned earlier, technology can be a barrier for getting outside. However, a smartwatch could help you find that motivation. Most basic smartwatches are capable of tracking your step count, distance traveled, and average heart rate. Tracking how little you are moving around might just jumpstart you into being more active and going outside. You can use these statistics to set some goals for yourself. Don’t set the goals too high at first. This could cause you to burn out. Give yourself a few days to see what your average activity level is. Then set goals to increase that average activity.

Volunteer Service

By volunteering for an organization to help serve outdoors, you give yourself an obligation to get out of the house. There are many different options available. You could volunteer with the city or state to help clean up or improve parks. You could help with city and state events. You could also volunteer to help out with a local sports league. Check with your local schools. Many have sports teams that could be benefitted by a few volunteers at their games. There are also many non-profit organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that help teach young people about the outdoors. These organizations are always in need of enthusiastic and responsible adult leaders.

Discover Events

After the COVID-19 scare is over, you could even use some of your social media accounts to learn about events and other outdoor conventions that are going on. Have you ever been to a car show? You can see some pretty cool things there if you choose to go. Have you ever participated in a sailing race? If you go looking, you will find hundreds of outdoor events that you have never heard of before. These things could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

When you stay indoors, you are only going to experience the same things over and over. This is going to give your life a feeling of emptiness as the days cycle by. Break out of this by finding something that thrills you in the great outdoors. You’ll be amazed at the color and energy that returns to your life!

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